In 1998 Dirk Lemmons brought "Gang Intervention" to the internet on a grand scale. With courage, grace and chiseled determination Dirk Lemmons confronted Gang life head on, by bringing to the forefront, the total destruction and despair gang life has to offer. Starting with the purchase and development of and  Dirk used the "Scared Straight" aproach to his gang intervention message. Now through hundreds of gang domains the story is the same. "Gang Life has no future. It only leads to death and destruction." opens with a poem written by Dirk Lemmons that clearly depicts the emotional dilemma every potential Gang member considers sooner or later. Hundreds of thousands of kids have entered these Gang Intervention sites expecting to find a path into gang life. Instead they are brought face to face with the Reality of Gang life. The first web pages developed by Dirk in 1998 called "Reality Check" showed murdered Gang members lying dead in their own blood. It was not a pretty scene but a necessary one for those kids who thought gang life was the glamorous lifestyle they heard on gangster rap songs. It is impossible to measure what doesn't take place. There are no "metrics" for non events. How do you measure thousands of kids rethinking their desire to get into a gang? You don't. Only when history is seen from Gods perspective can such things be measured. One day in all of eternity such Metrics will be measured and weighed. That day will find Dirk Lemmons tipping the scales of courageous love for a group of kids that most the world gave up on.

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